Digital Presentation

Digital  Presentation

Digital Presentation Instructions The principle for the digital presentation is to explore an issue or topic related to intercultural communication and presents it in a way that educates your audience. Think of general audience where some may have an idea about the topic while others may have not heard about it. Thus your information should be informative at different levels. Make sure to discuss counter arguments if and when applicable

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Digital Presentation
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. You may pick any issue of cultural/intercultural nature: e.g. segregation and discrimination against a certain microrcultural group in your dominant culture of choice, certain celebration that a certain group in the U.S. or abroad does; origins of a particular holiday; development projects in underdeveloped countries. (examples of specific topics: amateur documentary type videos about a certain micro cultural group; video about International students at American universities and their American cultural experience; the impact of the COVID-19 and other pandemics on certain cultures or cultural groups, the effect of micro-cultural groups on food in certain cultures; stereotyping of Black (or other micro cultural groups) people in American (or some other) media; desalination plants in KSA; humanitarian crises in Darfur; the Rio carnival; origins of Christmas (or any other widely celebrated holiday) …etc).

– The information should be enough but not overwhelming in specialization.

– Your presentation should be between 5-7 minutes in length if recorded.

– The presentation should also clearly reference your sources; include your references/sources within the presentation and not just as a reference list at the end.


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