Development and Culture of these Early Empires

This work is from Chapter# 4 from the book called: Worlds together and Worlds apart Volume 1 Third edition

If you have this book or can get access to it that will be great as it will be really helpful for these questions. You can go to your local library where you can find the book.

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Development and Culture of these Early Empires
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Read all of Chapter 4, then answer the following questions.

1. How did these first empires evolve and solidify? What were some of the characteristics of these large-scale populations?

2. Of all the models of expansion and power maintenance, which do you think was most successful? Do you think the most successful method was also the most “ethical?” Explain your answers.

3. How did religion influence the development and culture of these early empires? Why was religion evolving to be such a powerful element in large populations?

Make sure each response offers a full consideration of the questions. In particular, make sure you give detail to strengthen your response. Give special attention to the second question, which is asking for your opinion based on the material.