Developing an Outline

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Developing an Outline
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For this final paper milestone you will need to fully develop an outline for your final paper. This outline should include cited support for your main points and sub-points and a Turabian-formatted Bibliography page with the sources that you found in Session 2.

As a reminder, you must develop your own views on the relationships among faith, theology, and the community of faith. If you follow Hart’s general lead, distinguish your views via specific examples from your own context (e.g., How do you define faith? What are the specifics of your own faith community which bear on this set of relationships? At this point in your study, how would you define “doing theology?”). In articulating your views of these relationships make sure you address how knowledge is acquired (epistemology) in and among the three dimensions (faith, theology, community of faith), how your context affects the relationships, how the relationships impact your theological framework (your organization of theological data), and how these relationships affect your real, daily life (existential).

Points for this milestone will primarily be awarded for your submission of a complete outline so that there is opportunity for feedback from your instructor that can be applied to your final paper, though points will be deducted for incomplete or hastily-completed work. Make use of the Outline Template (Word) Outline Template (Word) – Alternative Formats to ensure that your outline is properly formatted and contains adequate support.

Helpful resources:

Click on the Session 3 Milestone link to submit your assignment by the posted due date. Review the rubric available in Due Dates and Grades for specific grading criteria.