Develop a brand extension strategy

Part A – Individual Business Report (75% – 2500 words)
As a brand management consultant, you are required to develop a brand extension strategy (in
report format) for a business of your choice. You are encouraged to choose a brand within an
industry that you would like to or already work in.
Your plan should include:
1) Introduction: this should introduce the report and its purpose, not just the key topics.
2) Brand Audit: this should include your analysis of:
a. Current market share and major competitors
b. How the brand’s products and services are currently marketed and branded e.g.
brand elements/assets and characteristics; product attributes, pricing,
communications, distribution policies; brand positioning, segmentation, targeting
3) Product/Service Idea: based on your analysis above, describe and justify why your
product/service is an attractive market opportunity. This should include an overview of
your product/service idea, target market, key competitors, and perceptual maps for the
category you are entering
4) Brand Proposition: based on the opportunity identified above, this should include your
unique selling proposition in the new category and how this is mutually supportive of the
brand values, brand personality, brand identity/assets
5) Brand Execution: This should provide an overview of your price, place, and promotion
strategies as well as discuss how these will support your brand values, personality, and
6) Measurement: Suggest and justify appropriate brand measurement techniques for your
new brand launch.
7) Conclusion: Draw out the main implications of your work
8) References
Your work should pay specific attention to how your existing brand equity and brand elements
can be leveraged to successfully launch a new brand extension

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