Determination of Critical Path of the Project

Determination of Critical Path of the Project
Use the following table to calculate duration (round to 0 decimal places)

(See attached screenshot of table)

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Determination of Critical Path of the Project
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Use Activity on Node to construct a network activity diagram with the preceding table.

(See attached screenshot of table)

Use the forward and backward pass method to calculate project duration, based on the assumption that the expected duration of each activity can be calculated using the following formula: Expected Duration = (Pessimistic Duration + 4 x Most Likely Duration + Optimistic Duration)/6. Include slack on the arrows and identify the critical path(s) and burst and merge activities.

Evaluate the finished project and write a review of your analysis and how you completed each step. Include the completed table and your AON diagram in your paper

Your response should be integrated in a well-written paper that meets the following requirements:

Be 2-3 pages in length, and must additionally contain graphical elements, placing these graphical elements in an appendix,

Be formatted according to APA 7th edition

Include two scholarly sources within the past 5 years

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