Design Contexts

Answer should be based on subject Human factors in system design

1Consider the following three design contexts: 1) user experience for a smartphone app for collecting virtual cats, 2) autopilot controls in a commercial airliner, 3) the interface design for tax software.

a) Describe how these three different design contexts differ in terms of safety, performance, and satisfaction. (2pts)

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Design Contexts
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b) Choose one of the design contexts. What is one construct (i.e., variable that you are interested in measuring) that would be useful in a summative evaluation of the design? Justify why it is important for the design context.Some examples of constructs include mental workload, user satisfaction, ease of use, error rate, etc. (2pts)

c) For the construct you described in part c, describe one way that you can operationalize it using a quantitative measure.(2pts)

d) Imagine that you were evaluating two different prototypes for your design context using the measure you described in part c. Provide an example of a Type I and Type II error when comparing the two prototypes. (2pts)

e) What is the independent variable and dependent variable for the experiment described in part d? (2pts)