Descriptive Statistics

The objective of the project is for you to use descriptive statistics and present it in a data dashboard to help managment get a customer profile of the promotional campaign.

  1. You will create a percent frequency distribution for the following variables:
    • Items
    • Net Sales
    • Method of Payment
    • Gender
    • Marital Status
    • Age
  2. Create a bar or pie chart showing the number of purchases using a particular payment method
  3. Create a crosstabulation showing the relationship between the type of customer versus net sales
  4. A scatter diagram exploring the relationship between the net sales and customer age
  5. Include additional charts and information to help the manager visualize the data if necessary.
  6. To help the managers with their decision making, describe a few “take-aways” about the data including but not limited to:
    • Was the promotion successful?
    • What demographic had the highest participation in the promotion?
    • What payment method was used the most?
    • How were the net sales distributed across the population? Who had the most? Who had the least?
    • What sample of the population should the managers try to target to possibly improve sales?
    • Should the managers plan more promotions similar to this one? Why or why not?

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