Description of your organization and its culture

Your final Project outline (3-4 pages total) should include a detailed outline of your paper, with a description of your organization and its culture, the “problem” you chose, and most heavily focused on your literature review (an examination of evidence you have found in credible sources that includes actual research on the issues, legal issues and applicable laws, and examples of best practices in the literature). This is an outline of what you and your partner, if you chose one, intend to cover in your paper.  Please do this in full sentences (but still in outline form) so that I can understand you clearly.  Then, you should add a separate page of at least 10 key and highly credible references that you have already identified (NO BLOGS – ALL CREDIBLE!) – on the reference page, provide a couple sentence summary of key points in each reference (this is called an annotated bibliography). BE SURE YOUR REFERENCES ARE IN APA FORMAT.

In your final paper, you must cover at least the following areas (and in the outline at least 1-5 and 7):

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Description of your organization and its culture
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1) Policy area you are researching — State the Problem!

2) Description of the real or hypothetical organization, and its culture, for which you are going to make a policy recommendation.

3) A discussion of key information from the collection of sources you have, including key research findings of credible studies, legal issues, and best practices of other firms. (This section should have the most detail in your outline so I can see what you have found and provide some feedback on what you may still need.)

4) Potential or actual company internal data sources and your plan for data collection that you would use (you won’t have to actually do this collection, but you will have to propose a plan for collecting data – could be any form/s of research within the organization – but be very specific: what would you look for, what questions would you ask, who would you talk with or survey, and how would you get it).  This should include how you might use employees/managers in the process to assure that the policy is workable and will not meet with total resistance.

5) Recommended Policy for your organization with strong justification (This may not yet be done and may be very preliminary – that’s OK but provide some ideas.)

6) Plan for implementation (how best to roll out) of the policy (training, announcement of and publicity for the policy, etc.)

7) REFERENCES IN APA format with annotations as described above.

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