Description of Issue and Literature Review

HAIs also referred to as hospital and nosocomial infections, affect patients in a hospital or other healthcare facility, as well as are not incubating or present during admission. On the other hand, they include infections attained by patients in the facility or hospital but emerging following discharge, and work-related infections among personnel. Most nations require surveillance systems for HAIs. Those, which do have systems frequently, deal with the complexity and need standardized diagnostic criteria for the infections. At the same time as this makes it had to meet reliable worldwide information on HAIs, stem from studies evidently point out that each year, many patients are affected by HAIs Globally. HAIs only more often than not get public attention when there are outbreaks. Even though often concealed from public consideration, the very real endemic, the constant problem remains one that no organization or state can allege to have solved, in spite of many efforts (Miller et al., 2011).

The prevention of HAIs is dependent on the nursing staffs. Their proper care and maintenance of central lines remain relevant to the prevention of this infection. They are obliged to ensure that there is suitable line flushing, management of tubing as well as needleless connectors, patient or family edification, sterile dressing alterations, precise data collection, among other measures. The nursing care model and the association between nurses and patients is directly impacted by nurse model in position as well as the application of Benner’s Skill Acquisition Model in nursing can provide organization and structure, offering a methodical, predictable practice (Sievert et al., 2013).  This can incorporate the data anthology, progress notes, practice principles, nursing orders, and deliberate interventions that lead to a defined, efficient nursing practice (Miller et al., 2011). With regard to HAIs, this paper take into consideration the application of Benner’s Skill Acquisition nursing Model that can promote the support in…..

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