Describe main differences between virus and worm

1. A(n) ____ is a program that secretly attaches itself to a legitimate “carrier,” such as a
document or program, and then executes when that document is opened or program is
2. A(n) ____ is a set of software tools used by an intruder to break into a computer,
obtain special privileges to perform unauthorized functions, and then hide all traces of its
3. A(n) ____ is a computer program or a part of a program that lies dormant until it is
triggered by a specific logical event, such as a certain date reached on the system
calendar or a drop below a previous level of a person’s rank in an organization.
4. ____ is a general term used for describing software that imposes upon a user’s privacy
or security.
5. A(n) ____ is either a small hardware device or a program that monitors each keystroke
a user types on the computer’s keyboard.
6. What is a backdoor?
7. Describe main difference/s between virus and worm
8. Modern virus scanners can detect viruses by their signatures. One technique used by
some viruses to avoid detection is called the Swiss cheese infection. Explain this
9. Can encryption be used by viruses to conceal themselves? Explain
10. Consider the code fragment below. What type of malware is it? Explain
11. Consider the code fragment below. What type of malware is it? Explain
12. Suppose you have a new Smartphone and are excited about the range of apps
available for it. You read about a really interesting new game that is available for your
phone. You do a quick Web search for it, and see that a version is available from one of
the free marketplaces. When you download and start to install this app, you are asked to
approve the access permission granted to it. You see that it wants permission to “Send
SMS messages” and to “Access your address-book.” Should you be suspicious that a
game wants these types of permissions? What threat might the app pose to your
Smartphone, should you grant these permissions and proceed to install it? What types of
malware might it be?

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