Dependency in Monkeys

  1. First watch this video:

Harlow’s Studies on Dependency in Monkeys (6:07 Mins)

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Dependency in Monkeys
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Explain what you found most interesting in the video, and why. From the chapter 3 readings, which parenting style do you believe is best for developing secure attachment and why?

  1. Next, watch this video:

Genie Wiley -TLC Documentary (12:26 Mins)

After watching the video, what aspect of the video do you feel is most important related to plasticity or stages of development, and explain why you feel this way.

3) Thinking about the readings from chapter 4, how relevant are gender roles in your life? Do you think society is moving away from gender roles? Explain your reasoning. Use evidence from the textbook and/or other references to support your views.

use sources from videos and chapters.