Deontology and Virtue ethics

As we saw in the shift from the utilitarian approach to deontology and virtue ethics, a key factor in such shifts is that a given ethical framework or analysis simply doesn’t help us actually form reliable judgments and/or choose in the face of a difficult decision.

Especially if you are not satisfied with any of the approaches and outcomes that we have seen thus far – that is, they fail to capture your own ethical intuitions and approaches in one or more ways – can you articulate just what is missing and/or what is lacking here?

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Deontology and Virtue ethics
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Sex with robots, anyone? Similar ethical questions and considerations are brought home in literally embodied ways by the emergence of sexbots. To be sure, the (male) dream of “the perfect woman” as one’s own creation is as old as Pygmalion, the ancient Greek sculptor who fell in love with a statue of his own making. Aphrodite kindly made the statue come alive, presumably making Pygmalion a very happy man