Denise Reported Success

DENISE: I checked online about the lecture se- ries and I surprised myself. One actually sounded interesting, and I’m thinking that I might just register for it online. I really didn’t think any of those feelings were still there. I’m kind of looking forward to that next step.

At the end of the first session, the therapist helped Denise fill out the Weekly Activity Schedule for the coming week. The activities were quite simple, such as getting up and tak- ing a shower, fixing meals, going out shopping, and checking out the lecture series online. Finally, the therapist asked Denise for feedback about the session and about her hopelessness.

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Denise Reported Success
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THERAPIST: Do you have any reactions?

DENISE: I’m still feeling down, but I’m also feel- ing a little better. It’s interesting that just the idea of looking at what lecture’s might be available is making me feel a little lighter. I even had the thought of calling Diane to talk over the options. . . . Is this a sign of better things to come?

THERAPIST: What do you think?

DENISE: Maybe.