Demonstrate the ability to formulate a research question

Unit Aims:

This unit aims to develop the learner’s skills of independent enquiry and critical analysis by undertaking a small pilot investigation of direct relevance to their higher education programme or professional development.

Learning Outcomes

Assessment Criteria

  1. Demonstrate the ability to formulate a research question
  • Describe the 2 theoretical perspectives behind research
  • Develop a research question
  • Justify the theoretical perspective chosen to answer your research question
  • Critically review appropriate literature
  1. Undertake a pilot research project which does not require ethical approval
  • Evaluate different methodologies used in research and identify appropriate one to answer your research question
  • Evaluate the differing data collection methods available for your methodology
  • Discuss and carry out data collection
  1. Critically evaluate research outcomes
  • Evaluate and present data collected in an appropriate manner
  • Critically evaluate results, producing discussion and conclusions
  • Develop a short presentation to disseminate findings
  • Produce a critique of the process and the limitations of the project





Research Skills for Management Studies by Alan Berkeley Thomas (2004)

Please look at 2 more attached books.

Plagiarism free, word count, Harvard referencing etc

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