Deindividuation Being in the presence of others can lead to social facilitation and social loafing. But occasionally, the presence of others can lead to extreme actions. A group of sports fans excited at their home team’s victory spills out of the arena onto the street, and soon a riot develops, complete with small fires, overturned cars, and looting. A conflict between two people late at night in a loud dance club sud- denly turns to a raucous brawl, with bottles flying and punches thrown involving dozens of people. What turns an unruly crowd into a violent mob? No doubt there are many factors, including imitation of aggressive models, intense frus- tration, and alcohol consumption. But there’s also deindividuation, the loss of a person’s sense of individuality and the reduction of normal constraints against deviant behavior. Deindividuation is often a collective phenomenon that occurs in the presence of others.

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