Defund The Police?

If civil liberties mean anything at all, they mean that people should be safe from repressive violence against them by the state. Still, police violence is all-too-frequent.


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Defund The Police?
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Based on your study of the background materials below, what is your analysis of the slogan “Defund the Police!” which has often been seen and heard at Black Lives Matter protests? Should police budgets be cut? Why or why not? Discuss one police reform that you believe is most needed right now. Be specific and explain your choice.

Write at least 250 words and be sure to make substantial comments on one or more other student’s posting.

Background Materials

  1. Cassie Miller, “One Way to Counter the Far Right? Demilitarize the Police.” (Southern Poverty Law Center).
  2. John Malcolm and Cully Stimson, “Reform of Policing: What Makes Sense?.” (Heritage Foundation).
  3. Video: “ACLU Attorney Takes on Failed Policing and Shows a Better Way.”

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