Define “atman,” “Brahman,” “Upanishad”

  1. In 2-3 sentences, define the term “atman.”


  1. In 2-3 sentences, define the term “Brahman.”


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Define “atman,” “Brahman,” “Upanishad”
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  1. Identify and explain at least two metaphors cited in the Upanishads to convey a philosophical position on the true nature of self and world.


  1. 4. What does the term “Upanishad” mean? What does it refer to?


  1. 5. What are the Vedas?


  1. 6. What is the language that classical Hindu scriptures are written in?


  1. 7. Name two civilizational hubs of the Ancient Indus Valley region.


  1. 8. The Bhagavad-gitaintegrates the Upanishadsinto its narrative and philosophical content.  Cite a definitive passage in which Krishna explains the doctrine of Atman to Arjuna.  How does Krishna use this doctrine to justify Arjuna’s duty to kill his enemies in battle?

Name at least three ways (marga) or practices (yoga) that Krishna advises as ways of realizing the Absolute Sacred Reality of Brahman.  Explain each way in detail and integrate a reference to the Bhagavad gita in your explanation. That is, cite the text where Krishna explains the way in question.   How are each of these ways intended to be soteriological?


  1. 9. What are the four castes, and in what scriptures will you find the basis of these social divisions?


  1. 10. What is samsara in Hinduism?
  2. What is moksha?

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