Arguments in everyday life rarely occur in isolation. They usually come in the mid-

dle of much verbiage that is not essential to the argument itself. Everyday arguments

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are also rarely complete. Essential premises are often omitted. Many such omissions

are tolerable because we are able to convey a great deal of information indirectly by

conversational implication. Nevertheless, to give a critical evaluation of an argu-

ment, it is necessary to isolate the argument from extraneous surroundings, to make

explicit unstated parts of the argument, and to arrange them in a systematic order.

This puts us in a better position to decide on the soundness or unsoundness of the

argument in question. Will develop methods for reconstructing arguments so that they may be understood and evaluated in a fair and systematic fashion.

These methods will then be illustrated by applying them to a disagreement that

depends on fundamental principles.