Decision Support System (DSS)

A decision support system (DSS) is a system that helps decision makers confront problems through direct interaction with computerized databases and analytical software programs. The purpose of a decision support system is to store data and transform them into organized information that is easily accessible to managers. Doing so saves managers countless hours so that decisions that might take days or even weeks otherwise can be made in minutes using a DSS. Modern decision support systems greatly facilitate customer relationship management (CRM).


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Decision Support System (DSS)
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A CRM system is the part of the DSS that addresses exchanges between the firm and its customers. It brings together information about customers including sales data, market trends, marketing pro-motions and the way consumers respond to them, customer preferences, and more. A CRM system describes customer relationships in sufficient detail so that financial directors, marketing managers, salespeople, customer service representatives, and perhaps the customers themselves can access information directly, match customer needs with satisfying product offerings, remind customers of service requirements, and know what other products a customer has purchased.