Database system plan for a local company

You have been asked to develop a database system plan for a local company (or a company of your choosing) that wants to track its customers/clients, appointments, billing, and employees. Structured query language (SQL) is used to create the database schema, maintain the database records, and perform administrative tasks. In addition to the Database System Plan template that includes section headings (project outline), submit a SQL Statements document of 4–5 pages based on the entity relationship (ER) model completed in Week 3. Complete the following:

  • Include SQL statements that use data definition language (DDL) commands to create the database schema specified in the ER diagram created in Week 3.
    • Include indexes, constraints, and relationships.
  • Include SQL statements that use data manipulation language (DML) to do the following:
    • INSERT 15 records into each table.
    • UPDATE 5 sets of records in each table using one specific criteria per update statement (e.g., EXACT MATCH, LIKE, BETWEEN, IN, or HAVING).
    • DELETE 2 records from 1 table based on specific criteria (e.g., EXACT MATCH or LIKE).
  • Create stored procedures to support retrieval of the data from the database, using SELECT statements to accomplish the following:
    • Aggregate (group) functions (count, avg, min, max, sum)
      • Write 4 queries using group functions.
    • Group By
      • Write 2 queries using the Group By, Having, and Order By syntax.
    • Simple queries
      • Write 4 queries that manipulate data in 1 table.
    • Join queries
      • Write 4 queries that join 2 or more tables.
  • Add this section to the SQL Statements section of your database system plan.
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Database system plan for a local company
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