Data Mining Project

  • The problem to solve: Issues of Chase Bank in deciding customer’s credibility
  • How data mining will solve the problem: Chase is a pioneer in banking services. It provides services like credit cards, loans, auto finances, etc. In its early stages of entering the banking sector, Chase had many issues deciding customer’s credibility. They were unable to decide if a customer of worthy enough to grant a loan or a credit card. Therefore, they used data mining to identify credible customers or to decide the amount of credit that can be granted to a particular customer. Categorization of credit cards in Chase are done with the help of Information-Based Strategy (IBS) that uses complex data-mining techniques to bill different interest rates, rewards, and fees and other things on credit cards for different customers based upon their credit scores, uses and other factors. IBS is the combination of one of the largest databases, information systems, and a good team of analysts and statisticians and scoring models.

Please read the above concept, do your research on Chase Bank and answer the below questions accordingly

  • A paper that includes:
    • Abstract
    • The problem- note the description and why it’s a problem and how you are going to make a recommendation with data mining techniques.
    • The analysis of how data mining the data will solve the issue.
    • Graphical representation and formulas to solve the problem.
    • A summary of the consideration and evaluation of results
    • Conclusion

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Data Mining Project
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In-text citations to each paragraph is mandatory

Minimum of 4 peer reviewed references (no wiki/websites ending with .com)

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