Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

1. Summarize Lamarck’s theory of evolution.

2. Describe Spencer’s social Darwinism and explain why it was so popular in the United States.

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Darwin’s Theory of Evolution
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3. What is the Spencer–Bain principle?

4. Why did Darwin delay publication of his theory for so long? What finally prompted him to publish it?

5. Summarize Darwin’s theory of evolution.

6. Compare Darwin’s concept of fitness with the socio- biologists’ concept of inclusive fitness. What are the implications of the difference between the two con- cepts for the explanation of human social behavior?

7. Summarize Galton’s contributions to psychology.

8. In what ways did Binet’s approach to intelligence testing differ from Galton’s and Cattell’s?

9. Describe the 1905 Binet–Simon scale of intelligence. How was the scale revised in 1908? In 1911?

10. What procedure did Stern suggest for reporting a person’s intelligence? Why did Binet oppose this procedure?

11. Summarize Spearman’s views of intelligence.

12. What was the Burt “scandal”? In what way did it reflect the age-old controversy concerning nature versus nurture?

13. What conclusions did Goddard reach when he administered the Binet–Simon scale to schoolchil- dren in the United States?


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