Cyber Security Project


  • Select an existing organization (company, nonprofit, or government entity) as the focus of your project.
  • Identify the main services that the organization provides.
  • Analyze these to identify one internal threat actor and one external threat actor that can negatively impact the security posture of the organization’s computing resources. Examples of threat sources may include McAfee Global Threat Intelligence, Accenture iDefense, Recorded Future Cyber Threat Intelligence, and SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit.
  • Explain how vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, and other security assessments can be used by the organization security team to enhance the overall security posture of the organization.
  • Provide a clear, concise statement of a single problem you will address that impacts the state of cybersecurity in the organization.
  • Submit written Organization Profile and Problem Statement report section and associated PowerPoint slides

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Cyber Security Project
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