Cyber security

Assume the role of the Tier 1 Cybersecurity expert, keep in mind that you have the responsibility to guard against cyber attacks. In doing so, a big part of your job is to be proactive about protecting against attacks. You work on a team of network professionals. Your direct report is the Chief information officer who also answers to the Board of Directors. There are times when you will be asked to write reports, make security recommendations, and make presentations to the Board of Directors. If you do well in your responsibilities now, there may be a job advancement with significantly more pay in the near future if you can move up to a Tier 2 expert.

Unit 1 Discussion Assignment

Answer the following questions:

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Cyber security
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  • How can cryptography be incorporated into a company’s system, focusing on improved security and ease-of-use,¬† during the initial stages?
  • Why do you believe the plan you described for the first question will meet the initial requirements of improved security and ease-of-use? Use specific descriptions to support your reasoning.

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