Customer Service Representatives

· Customer service representatives will receive extensive training. They need to answer all questions coming from the customers properly. We will also train them about the appropriate way of greeting which will be in line with our brand image and marketing.

· We will hire people who has background in technology since we are also targeting tech savvy customers. They need to be able to not only answer the questions but to guide customers with current trends.

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Customer Service Representatives
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· We will also recruit personnel who are friendly and problem solving. Delivery processes can cause problems for customers in this industry that is why we will require employees to approach customers with problem solving manner.

· In electronics market, customers are aware that they have multiple options to purchase. This might complicate their purchasing journey, but at the same time brand loyalty may decrease. Thus, we really need to differentiate ourselves via customer service and satisfaction during the shopping experience.

· Customers will be given a detailed manual which is easy to read. The manual will also be provided as e-manual. Localization processes of the manuals will be conducted by a localization expert firm. We will allocate a specific budget of 20.000$ for Mexico since the language will be different.

· Through our website, customers will have 24/7 online customer chat service. In addition, we will outsource and train a team of customer telephone line.

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