Cultural Sanctions

1. The biggest difference between mores and folkways is that a. mores are linked to morality, whereas folkways are tied to commonplace behaviors b. mores are absolute, whereas folkways are temporary c. mores refer to material culture, whereas folkways refer to nonmaterial culture d. mores refer to nonmaterial culture, whereas folkways refer to material culture

2. The notion that people cannot feel or experience something that they do not have a word for can be explained by: a. linguistics b. Sapir-Whorf hypothesis c. Ethnographic imagery d. bilingualism

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Cultural Sanctions
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3. Cultural sanctions can also be viewed as ways that society: a. Establishes leaders b. Determines language c. Regulates behavior d. Determines laws

4. An example of high culture is _________, whereas an example of popular culture would be ____________. a. Dostoevsky style in film; “American Idol” winners b. medical marijuana; film noir c. country music; pop music d. political theory; sociological theory

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