Cultural places/events/practices paper

a. Choose two cultural places/events/practices or aspects such as cuisine/fashion of each
of your cities and prepare a short powerpoint presentation with text and images
(approximately 6-8 slides total including both cities). As a general note: full sentences and at
least one image per slide should be used. Note: Choose two aspects for each of your
cities. Also, it is recommended that you avoid an overly broad topic. For example, you
could focus on a particular event (such as a holiday, festival, show) or main foods your
city is known for, or a particular museum, etc. for each aspect.
b. Culture is a very broad concept and often interpreted differently by groups or
individuals. Choose things you would like to know more about. This is your project.
c. Describe the significance of your choices briefly. Why would you say your choices
reflect a part of each of your cities’ culture?
d. Make sure to cite to all of your sources (including images) giving credit to the source
and providing information on where a reader could find the source.

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