Cultural Openness

Cultural Openness Cultural openness is the attitude of being receptive to a different culture and to active learning about other cultures. Although other cultures are valued and some knowledge of other cultures exists, cultural openness does not include any integration of cultures or cross-pollination of cultural ideas. In this regard, cultural openness is similar to cultural awareness. Each culture is valued and understood as separate and distinct.

An example of being culturally open is someone from a dominant white culture going to a local Native American powwow or to an inner-city black evangelical church service sim- ply to observe what happens. Cultural openness in health programs would be evident in having minority representation on community or advisory boards for the health program, using consultants with expertise in cultural awareness, and providing knowing.” Her work has influenced thinking across health disciplines. Hoskins’s principles are notably developed for members of the dominant culture, with the implicit expectation that the member of the dominant culture needs to become culturally competent. In other words, it is incumbent upon the member of the dominant culture to strive for cultural competence. These principles also reveal that cultural competence, as a set of behaviors, may be difficult to attain or maintain over time.

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Cultural Openness
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