Cultural Identity And Intercultural Competencies

Cultural Identity And Intercultural Competencies

1.) Who are you, in cultural terms, and WHY? (Define Culture here as well as how you chose how you to identify culturally)

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Cultural Identity And Intercultural Competencies
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2.) What IDENTITIES do you claim? According to yourself, according to your family, according to your culture. In this portion of the paper you may talk about your role as a mother, son, sister, etc. and how your culture shapes that role (for example: do you have certain rules to follow or exceptions from your partner, and how is that influenced by your culture? Look Values and Hofstede’s taxonomies)


3.) In what ways are you defined by (or stereotyped) by your cultural identities? (give specific examples as well as bringing in terms such as racism, discrimination, ethnocentrism, etc)

4.) When have you felt a sense of “inclusion” due to your cultural identity? When have you felt a sense of “exclusion” due to your identity?

5.) Discuss how your cultural values, norms, and social practices shape your life. Do you celebrate certain holidays, traditions, rituals, etc?

Section Two: Identify your intercultural competencies 

In this section your should address the following prompts:

6) What strengths do you bring to the tasks of intercultural communication? (use specific concepts from Chapters 1-4, our Global Praxis reading, etc.)

7.)What are your two biggest obstacles to successful intercultural communication?

8.) What are your cultural biases? How do you know?

9.) Where do you believe your cultural biases came from?

10.) How do you plan to use what you have learned from this class to identify your biases and work through them to benefit your future as a student/parent/partner/employee/etc


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