Crucial Accountability

ANALYSIS & REFLECTION PAPER: Crucial Accountability

There are 2 assessments/surveys that need to be done, and I have done them already. They are attached (SDI Results & Crucial Accountability Survey results – image file on paper). You need to use these results to do this assignment. You will also need to use the textbook (Crucial Accountability – also attached).

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To do this assignment, you will need my survey/assessment results, and the Crucial Accountability one points out I have weaknesses in “Choose What and If” and “Stay Focused and Flexible.” Please read these 2 chapters and observe, analyze, and reflect on those specific areas in the two chapters of the Crucial Accountability Survey (5 each under “Choose What and If” and “Stay Focused and Flexible”). Then, write about these:

• What does this score mean to your ability to hold yourself or others accountable? 

• Does it accurately reflect some areas of weakness in your accountability? 

• Consider how your MVS shows up in the area of accountability. Include any insights you may have about SDI results and your Crucial Accountability Survey results. Discuss and explain your answer with examples. 

• For each of these 2 accountability areas you wrote about, make 2 recommendations how you can improve your accountability to yourself and others as you navigate bad behavior and broken promises in your work/home/school/ life relationships. (This means 2 each, so I need 2 recommendations for “Choose What and If” and 2 recommendations for and “Stay Focused and Flexible.” 

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