Cross-Cultural Crash and Labor Conflict: Write an Analytical paper about the case study

Cross-Cultural Crash and Labor Conflict (A): Sài nóng Restaurants After the reading, write an analytical paper about the case study, you need to highlight: ✓ Introduction: In a few paragraphs introduce the case, highlight the main topics addressed, a statement of the company, and a general analysis of its development, and cite the objectives of your essay. ✓ Analysis: In this section you need to integrate the topics below: ✓ CULTURE: ❖ Give the definition of culture and highlight the impact of national culture on the organization (theory); ❖ Following Hofstede, describe the 6 culture’s dimensions in China, Spain and the USA, and their impact inside of Sai Nong Restaurant; ✓ LEADERSHIP: ❖ Identify in the theory the differences between ‘managers’ and ‘leaders’ and explain these concepts using Sai Nong Restaurant as an example. ❖ Using the Skills Theory of Leadership, explore the mistakes that Juan Antonio did in Sai Nong Restaurant. ❖ Answer the question: How does leadership influence in the results of the restaurant? Why? ✓ TEAM: ❖ Identify all the teams in Sai Nong Restaurant. ❖ Explore the factors that influence the performance of these teams. ✓ CONFLICT: ❖ Identify the types of conflicts inside of Sai Nong Restaurant. ✓ Suggestions: In this section explore which advises you should give for Juan Antonio to manage better the restaurant to avoid the strike, regarding not just about their leadership behaviors, but also the worries with culture, teams, and conflicts. ✓ Conclusion Remember that is an essay and not a questionnaire!!!! The topics below need to be mentioned in a harmonic and fluid way as a story and not ‘an answer’! Your paper should be at least 2000 words (minimum), font Arial size 12, and double spaced.