Critically discuss and integrate knowledge across multiple approaches in cognitive and biological psychology

Summary of Assessment Method: Practical

Weighting:  50%

Assesses: Learning outcomes


  1. critically discuss and integrate knowledge across multiple approaches in cognitive and biological psychology.
  2. design, conduct, and evaluate empirical research that advances contemporary understanding of human cognition and mental processes.


For the practical you will design, conduct, analyse the data of, and report on an experiment that addresses a research question relating to one of the following topics:


  • working memory
  • long-term memory
  • problem solving
  • decision-making


The practical is to be completed as group work. Your module tutor will assign you to a group at the start of the module and you should aim to engage with your group before the end of week 1. Your group will comprise of around 4 to 5 members, but this group work can be successfully achieved by as few as two students. Your module tutor will create a discussion forum for each group, within which you should aim to converse with the rest of your group and contact your module tutor. We strongly advise you to use these forums for in-group communication as module tutor cannot mediate or intervene with potential problems if you were to use external social media platforms. In the course resources tab for Coursework 1 you will find a Group Contract. Ensure that everyone in your working group has read and agreed to it – and indicate this by placing your name upon it. Once completed by all members of your group, one of your group should e-mail this to your discussion board tutor. The purpose of the Group Contract is to establish ground rules within your group (e.g., expectations of respect, communication, and teamwork) moving forward within the module.


You can discuss or confirm your choice of topic with your module tutor via the group’s assessment thread.

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