Indeed there is no comparison between love and jealousy as everybody considers love to be stronger due to its positivity which makes the world and people of all walks feel important, appreciated and accepted by everybody around any individual. Love can be described as any intense feeling of deep affection, fondness or tendernesstowards a person one. But then again some consider jealousy a stronger emotion due to the fact that love is a week institution supported by a weak foundation of trust between relationships.

Where there is love there is enough room for people to feel jealous especially where there is romance between two people jealousy however is stronger as it contaminates love and motivates individuals to do things they are not capable of doing, where love is involved between couple drama and conflict arises as one person who is in love.



A good illustration to the question what is stronger love or jealousy is well reflected in the classic book The Lady or the Tigeroriginally published in 1882 by Stockton. This story is a marvelous piece of work shows how even after the king discovered that his daughter has a lover of low status and throws the young man into prison, the princess who is madly in love with the man refuses to let go and looks for ways to rescue her true love before the judgment day. Stockton, (1884)

We can clearly see that love is the most powerful emotion in human existence, it brings affection inside everyone around. Love is a natural force that changes a person from their worse to the best. Not all emotions we have towards people has love, sometime it’s just affection or deep liking not love. The nature of love is normally a subject of debate as sometimes is only a liking of someone or lust towards another person. Smith, M. (2004)

In the book the lady or the tiger clearly illustrates how love made the princess to go against the father’s wish to date a man of low social status. Stockton, (1884)The princess further plans to rescue the young man and goes out of her way to investigate which door will be the tiger and other the woman. When the young mean arrives at the arena he turns to face the princess and says “Which?” the princess lifts her right hand, and the young man turns without hesitation to open the door she indicated. This indicates how love can make a person trust the other even with dear life Stockton. (1884) Jealousy:

On the other hand, jealousy is an extremely painful emotion it can be either real or imagined. It throws the mind into imagination and finds it difficult to distance from it. Jealousy is equally as necessary as love as it holds a man or woman from infidelity. Jealousy serves to keep men from straying and reduces the burden of uncertainty of children paternity.

According to the book, the accused was forced to choose between two doors one of a starving tiger the other a carefully selected lady who would immediately marry the accused as a reward instead of punishment. Jealousy came in as the princess imagines she has seen the lady who was chosen on the other door casing admiration on the young man. This makes the princess burn with jealousy. The thoughts of the young man being taken by the other woman is unbearable making her think twice on saving her lover or not.

Jealousy is equally a strong feeling as that of love. It makes a person want and yearning of things that are out of reach for them. It causes our bodies become obsessed of stoppingsomeone else not to get what we have. Jealousy builds up over a period of time making someone to destroy the very same things they desire so as nobody else can have it.David O.J.(2015)

In romantic relationships, many think that a little jealousy proves love, this is not true as mostly jealousy is related to fear of losing what one profoundly thought it was theirs. As in the case of the princess who felt that she rather lose her lover to the killer tiger than to woman behind the door. Love makes one feel cherished and affirms the worth of someone in a relationship, she is therefore caught between seeing her lover die or watch him marry this lady.


With all facts mentioned we can see that love and jealousy go hand in hand as people who fall in love get jealous when a partner’s attention goes to another person. Although jealousy is extremely pain and destroys love, it can improve relationship and also change a partner’s behavior for the better and repair mistakes made that offends the other. Couples need to careful as jealousy may lead to a destructive path as it throws the mind into turmoil as it is difficult to get away from it. David O.J (2015)

People ought to be careful as jealousy brings along complex distress feelings as fear, abandonment, loss, sorrow, anger and betrayal. According to the book the lady or the tiger we are inclined to answer the question of what is stronger love or jealousy, As per my opinion both emotion have an equal force it is up to us to choose which emotion will over power us. The author of the book has not given us any answers but it is up to us to decide what is morally right and follow our hearts.

Love leads to giving the young man life despite the depth of the princess personal loss of a lover, jealousy leads to the tiger and death. The story portrays the human mind and heart as there is always war between the two contradictor emotions that is love and jealousy.


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