Critical Thinking: Principles of Finance

A) Find the latest action and most recent Fed Minutes dated ………. 28-29, 2020 which reflects their emergency ancient due to the impact of coronavirus. I have posted it on Module 2 just below video of THE FED. Explain their recent actions and why they took their course using research. 4 points Address topic with clear writing, accuracy as to fed action or minutes and research by finding an article(s) which helps you explain their action. Put article name, author, date and source on works cited. B) Does their action reflect a stimulative or tight monetary policy and how does it help our economy? That is, are we experiencing a weak or strong economy and provide your evidence with economic or inflation indicators. Find a financial article that helps you explain (it could be same article in “A”) . Did they also discuss an indicator and why the FED acted the way they did?

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