Critical Infrastructure (CI)

What is the most important CI where you live or work, and why do you say this?
The question proposed is difficult; the first choice was the Healthcare and Public Health sector when deciding on the most important CI within this area. This was originally chosen as this region’s healthcare, and public health sector serves over 500,000 and has the only level-one trauma center within a three-hour drive. Furthermore, it was determined that the level one trauma center is one of five hospitals located on a 6-mile strip of the road, making it easy to attack 6 out of the 9 emergency hospitals in this region. However, it is also evident that these hospitals would be rendered useless without electricity, as would houses, banks, and the local economy. The obvious decision is that the energy sector is the most important critical infrastructure in this region; however, if one were to disregard the CI of transportation, energy, and water, healthcare would be the most important.

An applicable verse for this week is Ezekiel 38:7; this verse reminds individuals that they must be prepared, prepare themselves, prepare all of those around them, and be a guard for them.

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Critical Infrastructure (CI)
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