Critical Balance of the U.S Military Force Reduction

Learning Goal: I’m working on a research & summaries project and need support to help me learn.

Topic: The purpose of my research is to explore the critical balance of the U.S military force reduction while increasing workload along with our current health pandemic.

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Critical Balance of the U.S Military Force Reduction
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Length: 3 – 4 pages

The plan must include the following components:

  • Fully developed introduction to your Literature Review that clearly shares the purpose statement for your literature review.
  • Clearly stated and motivated 2 – 3 research questions your research will answer.
  • An outline describing how you will answer each research question supported with references to research and theory.
  • A preliminary reference list of 10 – 15 sources you may use in preparing your Literature Review
  • Clearly and concisely describes the research issue and purpose. The importance and value of the project is evident. The introduction is fully developed.
  • Clearly and concisely identifies 2 – 3 specific research questions that address the research issue. The rationale for each question is explained.
  • Clearly and concisely identifies key points to addressing the stated research questions supported with citations
  • Excellent argument on how the research questions support the purpose. Outline organizes the data effectively; literature findings are integrated and synthesized in the outline to answer the research questions.
  • Accurately lists 10 – 15 references from scholarly sources emphasizing, recent peer-reviewed journal articles on the selected topic. Accurately adheres to APA standards.


Include one in-text citation for every body paragraph

No plagiarism & No Course Hero

Use scholarly peer-reviewed sources published within the last five years, so between 2017-2021


Please be sure to include an introduction with a clear thesis statement and conclusion