Critical Analysis of Book – Drawdown

Global warming, and its reversal, are important to me for the same reason it’s important for many humans, it affects the world we live in, our quality of life and the life we will pass on to future generations.

1) It will be a short 5 page, double-spaced, 12 font, critical analysis of your book.

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Critical Analysis of Book – Drawdown
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2) You do not need a cover page but should put your name and date/POS3697 Env Law on the top of the page. Do number your pages, 5 pages is just fine but no more than 7 please.

3) Write what passions you have for the book and incorporate what you wish from what you have learned in this class. Make it personal and choose one or more topics to write about. I leave this up to you. Critique and/or praise. In sum, choose a theme or themes and critique them.

4) Start with an “Introduction” about what you wish to discuss and critique; then the next subsection called “Analysis Critique” where you spell it out; then “Recommendations for further Study and Critique.”

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