Critical Analysis evaluating the key aspects within an episode of care for a level 3 patient

Assessment Tasks

 The course is assessed by a critical report and practice assessment document (PAD) students must pass both parts to pass the course.

Pass mark for the assignment is in line with the level 6 grading criteria. Description of Assessment In order to pass the student must:-  1. Identify an appropriate level 3 patient from their practice area.

2. Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the key aspects in the episode of care for this patient using contemporary evidence and specialist knowledge.

3. Critically analyse the professional, local and national agendas that influence the quality of care delivered.

4. Briefly discuss the findings from their report to make a judgement about future practice

Assessment: Due date1 Weight Learning Outcomes

 A 2000-word critical report critically analysing and evaluating the key aspects within an episode of care for a level 3 patient.

Assessment – Frequently asked questions

 What should I focus on? You need to pick a key level 3 intervention that you want to develop your knowledge of in more depth & make this the main focus for example; RRT, PiCCO, Proning etc . You will not be able to include all the care an ICU patient requires.

How should my work be presented? On the front sheet please state the course name & code and your student number. Work is marked anonymously so you should not put your name on it.