Criminology Research Paper: Counter Intelligence Activities

INSTRUCTION: Objective: This assignment, in accordance with undergraduate academic endeavors, provides an opportunity to evaluate assimilation of course topics, and sharpen and evaluate students’ research & critical thinking skills. The assignment is driven & tested by a combination of course materials and external self-led research; analyzed and presented in essay form.
Type: This assignment consists of a research-analysis paper approximately eight to ten pages in length, double-spaced (This page count does not include a title page, abstract (optional), table of contents (optional), Reference listing page(s), or end-notes page(s) (if used)). The source material should result primarily from self-led external research of scholarly articles. In addition, the course required reading materials may be used. The paper should have approximately eight to ten pages of content which are the written results of your research efforts.

Topic: This assignment will be a reflective evaluation of CI support to counterterrorism or cyberspace operations using current CI case history and operations.
– Choose a relevant terrorist incident, such as 1983’s Marine Barracks in Lebanon, 1993 WTC bombing, 1996 USS Cole, 1998 US Embassies in Africa, Sept 11, 2001, 2005 London bombings, etc., or a relevant cyberspace operation (2003-2005’s Chinese cyberespionage (code named Titan Rain), 2011’s Duqu worm (surveillance malware targerted at Iranian nuclear facilities), 2012’s Flame (surveillance malware targeted at the Iranian oil industry), 2012-2013’s cyberattacks against the US banking industry, etc.
– Illustrate the role of the counterintelligence support using CI activities, functions, or operations from friendly and threat perspectives on your selected terrorist incident or cyberspace operation.

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