• How do the different roles of criminologists, criminalists, and criminal justice professionals vary ?
    1. How do these roles contribute to the field of criminology
    2. Who primarily contributes to social policy ?
  • Identify the four eras of criminology and discuss how they have influenced the current field of criminology today (12 pts).
  • Compare and contrast traditional biological and modern biosocial theories (8 pts).
    1. What is the primary focus of each type (2 pts)?
    2. What is the major distinguishing feature between historical and contemporary biological theories of criminality (8 pts)?
  • List the six main categories of early biological theories and their key elements (12 pts).
    1. What are some of the major findings of early research into the study of genetics in criminology (2 pts)?
    2. What does this suggest about human behavior in relation to social and physical environments (4 pts)?
  • Explain the three major sociological approaches to crime causation and the major principles or assumptions of sociological theories (12 pts).
  • What are some of the ways social structure theories help explain crime (2 pts)?
    1. What informal and formal arrangements do these theories look at (4 pts)?
  • What are the three sociological explanations for crime (12 pts)?
    1. How might we see this present in society today (10 pts)?

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