Criminal Justice System

Criminal Justice System

You are a university professor preparing to bring a group of  University students to a foreign country as part of your comparative criminal justice systems class.  Although you could get students to do the work -you decide to give a great example of an analysis of the criminal justice system in a particular country.  Prepare an analysis, in the form of a discussion board post and a research paper, of a country’s criminal justice system with the below listed items in mind:

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Criminal Justice System
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The following is an outline of what you should cover in your post and paper:

  • Choose a country to analyze
  • The country shall not be a country we covered in our four writing assignments or in our three PowerPoint Presentations
  • Begin your paper with a brief analysis of the following elements:
    • Country analysis
      • Introduction to the countryPeople and society of the country
      • Economy
      • Transnational issues (if applicable) that may impact law enforcement
      • Relations with the United States
      • What is the basic government structure and its relationship to the criminal justice system
      • What is the “legal family” or basis of law in the country
      • What are the major components of the criminal justice system in the country
    • Please explain the following elements:
      • Briefly explain the law enforcement system of the country
      • Briefly explain the judicial process of the country
      • Briefly explain the corrections process of the country
    • Provide a brief analysis on:
      • The effectiveness of the criminal justice system in the country
      • The human rights perspective of the country


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