Criminal Justice Question

This paper will consist of two clearly labeled sections. You could label Section I with the name of your female offender. You could label Section II with the names of the theories you are using.

Section I: Female Offender Profile:

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Criminal Justice Question
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You will choose a female who has been convicted of a crime, either in the US or elsewhere, during any period of time, and describe her. What is her name? Describe the crime she was convicted of committing. What was her legal consequence for being convicted? This section could include two paragraphs. One paragraph will include the biographical information about the female, and the other will include information about her crime and consequences/sentencing.Also, include a photo of your offender.

This section is worth a total of 40 pointsThe material you present is worth 25 points, and the photo is worth 5 points. You do not need to cite the photo, but you do need to cite all other material you present in this section. You can find information about offenders from many valid sources- do not use Wikipedia for the information, but you can use it as a starting point to find other valid sources in the references in Wikipedia. You might Google something like “infamous women criminals,” or something like that, and go from there. Be sure your sources are academic and peer reviewed. Ask me if you have questions about this.

Section II: Theories of Crime:

Based on the story and life of your convicted female, discuss how two theories of female offending might help to explain the crime of which your offender was convicted. One of these theories should be a historical or traditional theory of crime, and the other should be a modern theory of crime.You need to clearly state the name of each theory you are using and be sure to define each of them. Also state which of them is the historical theory, and which of them is the modern theory. Properly cite all information you present.Each theory should be explained in its own paragraph. Ch. 6 will be helpful here.

Each theory’s application is worth 30 points, so Section II is worth a total of 60 points. Your discussion/paragraph of each theory should be about equal length.

Citations and reference page:

You must properly cite all material presented in this paper (in Section I and Section II). There should be a citation after each definition, and there should be at least one citation in each paragraph.

You must use at least 2 academic, peer-reviewed sources. One of them should be the textbook, which will be helpful for Section IIand Section III. You can look elsewhere for information for the paper, but you must make sure you are using valid sources. Your source(s) for Section I can be any academic, valid source. Check out the UNCP Library database or Google Scholar for this.

You must cite your information using ASA format. This means you will include in-text citations and a separate reference page for these sources. There is an ASA format guide in Canvas to help you with this. You will only use peer-reviewed, academic sources. Do not use websites unless approved by the professor, and do not use Wikipedia.

In-text Citations: If you do not provide any in-text citations, you will lose 30 points from your total paper grade. You will lose 2 points for each improperly formatted citation. If you do not place a citation where one Is needed, you will lose 5 points.

Reference Page: If you do not include a reference page, you will lose 20 points from the total paper grade. You will lose 2 points for each improperly formatted reference. If you do not have a proper bibliographical reference for each in-text citation, you will lose 2 points for each missing reference. If you do not have an in-text citation for each reference, you will lose 2 points for each missing in-text citation.

Please ask me any questions about referencing and citing long before the paper is due (not the day it’s due!!). I am happy to help, but you need to check out the guides in Canvas first.

More Formatting and Grading Details:

Include a cover page with your name and the name of your victim/offended. (worth 5 points)

This paper must consist of 3-4 pages, double-spaced, using 12-point Calibri font. You will lose 10 points if the paper is longer than 4 pages, and you will lose 20 points for each page that the paper is shorter than 3 pages. If your paper is not double-spaced, you will lose 10 points, as well as the points that might be lost due to incorrect length of paper when the paper is formatted in double-space. The same applies to using 12-point font and Calibri font.

Include page numbers (worth 5 points).

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