Crime Analysis

Discuss in detail how computer databases and information networks may be useful in criminal investigations.

Discuss in detail how crime analysis (crime mapping and geospatial technology) may be useful as a tool in criminal investigations e.g., home burglary, auto theft, or other crimes.

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Crime Analysis
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Business; Klassik Hair Salon

Discussions about the challenges you will face from the industry and their regulators for your technological innovation; e.g. approvals, adoption, regulation, etc. are this week’s topic.

Just because you believe you’ve created the “greatest thing since sliced bread” doesn’t mean the current sliced bread industry and its regulators want you to succeed (just speaking metaphorically, unless your innovation actually is a new bread slicer). What are their issues and concerns and how will you overcome challenges from the industry and regulators about your innovation? What agencies regulate your product and, or service and what is their agenda? How does your agenda fit or not fit with theirs?