Creative essay, eulogy for Perry smith written by Don Sullivan speaking at his funeral. book in cold blood

Book is in cold blood. task: Adding to the text – write a eulogy. Don Cullivan, the friend from Perry’s army days who testifies as a ‘character witness’ for Perry. Don culivan is perry’s (the killer) old mate back from the army who hadnt heard nor spoken to him for a longtime except when he heard about perry being a cold bloded murderer, he vistied him in jail and reconnected with him before the exectuion for perry smith. who is don culivan? don culivan is a christian who found gods grace. until don found religion don wasnt much law abinding than perry. when he heard about the murderes he feels its his christian obligation to reach out to perry and try and save his soul. perry was fist to corespond with don when in the cell. don enjoys perrys company and friendship. don did not end up like perry only because of gods grace. only three people attend perry smiths funeral its Al dewey, don culivers wife (who didnt like dons freindship with perry, she walk out half way through service) and lastly the psycholigists of perry smith.

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