Creating A Handout For Email Etiquette

Follow all of the directions given here. Make sure to post everything that you want me to read. Do not make more than one “first posting.”

From Chapter 14: Because students use email to communicate with other group members when they write collaboratively, your college would like you to create a handout on how to use email responsibly. Find three or four netiquette guides on the internet that focus on email. Study these examples and write a guide of two or three paragraphs in your own words telling fellow Santa Fe students how to use email correctly with one another. You should also include suggestions from our textbook’s authors, Markel and Selber.

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Creating A Handout For Email Etiquette
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Draw upon what you have learned from Chapter 9 to make sure that the titles, headings, lists, and paragraphs in your handout are informative and coherent.

This guide should fit on one sheet of paper. Below this page create an MLA Works Cited page  for the sources you have consulted.

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