Create your Own Original Case Scenario

In module 2, we used a case study to explore ways to motivate learners using an agency-level case about SPC’s Healthy Employee Initiative. Now, I would like you to apply the case-based approach and universal design principles in a more traditional setting focused on individual learners.

  • For this assignment I would like you to create your own original case scenario (i.e. do not copy or paraphrase an existing case study) for a lesson covering a topic of interest to you! Then you will write a discussion forum question using the case study and describe how you could teach that patient
  • Step 1: Create an original Case Scenario (at least 450 words for Step 1).
    Write a fictitious case scenario that describes a patient with multiple health-related issues! Include at least one reference besides the textbook to support your case.

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    Create your Own Original Case Scenario
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    • Choose any patient type: geriatric, pediatric, special needs, adolescent. Create your “patient” to have complicated histories, medications, health conditions, and lifestyles.
      • Maybe your case is about a middle aged woman on multiple medications (list them), with uncontrolled hypertension, constant head-aches and blurred vision.
      • Maybe she has a family history of stroke, is recently single, and is the bread-winner with three teenagers. Do you “hear” the building blocks of a case here?
      • The more intricate you make your case, the more interesting and challenging it will be for your learners and the more your learners are pushed to manipulate facts and critically think the more likely they are to learn!
    • Incorporate into the case study (i.e., it should not be on its own page not connected to the content) at least one image or visual related to the case such as photo’s, x-rays, charts, blood chemistries, slides, or any other visual materials and remember to cite the images. You may also create the visuals first and build your case around them!
    • Google Images is a very helpful resource for finding images; remember to cite the original source because Google Images is just a search engine to help find the images.

    Step 2: Educating using the case study – Once you have written the 450+ word scenario [with image(s)]:

    • Imagine you are working with a room full of health providers in a training situation. You are going to pose a class discussion about this patient:
      • Write at least one discussion question OR exploratory statement for the class that addresses the patient’s issues/needs and stimulates good discussions.
        • As you write this question/statement, think about whether the question would prompt a yes/no response, a short answer, or an open-ended question that really stimulates discussion. You want a broad prompt that will stimulate discussion. It helps to use words such as “explain”. ** The first question should be open-ended to allow for the most discussion. **

    Step 3: Now think of the actual patient.