Covid-19 Vaccination Rates and Behavior Models


  1. What are some examples that you saw used to drive an increase in Covid-19 vaccination rate? (social media, news outlets, company policy etc) Why were some more successful than others?
  2. Do you have any new ideas or variations on existing ideas that you think could have driven increases in US Covid-19 vaccination rates?

Do an investigation of Toxic Shock Syndrome. What questions would be important to ask while recording the patient medical history? What key physical or laboratory tests would be necessary to make a definitive diagnosis?

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 Covid-19 Vaccination Rates and Behavior Models
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Describe your proficiency in another language, other than English, and how being bilingual has helped influence your decision to pursue a career in pharmacy and/or impacted your experience throughout pharmacy school. Provide at least one example when you were able to use this skill to make a positive impact during an experience with a patient.