Cover Letter Assignment


To create, revise, and produce a final copy of job search documents that will satisfy industry job application requirements and academic standards.

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Cover Letter Assignment
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Assignment Description

Compose a 1-page cover letter to a specific industry-related job posting.


Use the same job posting you chose last week for this assignment as well. While you may have a general cover letter already, for the purposes of this assignment, tailor your documents to fit this specific job posting.


In your cover letter, include items presented in the course readings, including:

  • An introductory paragraph stating the job you are applying for and your suitability for it
  • Body paragraphs describing your education and experience (tell a story, don’t just list!)
  • A closing paragraph reminding the employer of your suitability, thanking them, and providing an opportunity for follow-up
  • Also, format according to technical business letter standards



Please see the Cover Letter Rubric for a more detailed breakdown of assessment.

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