(30 points)

You will write a one-page, solicited cover letter per the AIDA approach (This will be a separate document from Parts A (job search) and B (resume).

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  • The letter must follow the four-part AIDA approach (Chapter 15), be appropriately addressed to the contact person at the company/organization from Part A – Step 2, and should incorporate elements of the job advertisement that connect you/your qualifications to the position and the company/ organization. You may use my letter template (D2L Content) as a guide.
  • The letter should be written in full block letter style (see the sample cover letter – D2L Content – Week 1), and should contain all appropriate business letter parts.
  • The font size should be 11-12 points font size, and use a Serif font style (Times New Roman is preferred).
  • Letters are single-spaced (check Paragraph settings). Hard returns should be placed in the letter to separate lines of text or paragraphs. It should NOT look like this when opened