Country with High Mortality Rates

1) CHOOSE one (1) country from the table below and read the requirements regarding your assignment. At this time you do not have to inform the professor which country you have selected; however, you should begin searching for information on your selected country in the table below:
Africa Americas Middle East Southeast Asia
African Republic Algeria
Dem Rep of Congo Ethiopia
Ghana Madagascar Malawi Mozambique Niger Senegal Sierra Leone South Africa Uganda Zambia Zimbabwe Bolivia Ecuador Guatemala Haiti Nicaragua Peru Afghanistan Egypt
Iraq Morocco Somalia Sudan Yemen Bangladesh North Korea Myanmar Nepal
2) WRITE a paper (at least 1500 words) on the country that you selected. THE PAPER IS DUE AT THE END OF THE SEMESTER PER THE ANNOUNCED DUE DATE. See the Nursing Student Writing Guidelines Checklist for paper requirements. The paper must address the following (use the sections below as headings to organize your paper):
Title of Paper (top of page 2, centered) Country with High Mortality Rates: [Name of Country]
PAPER HEADING: [Level 1] Introduction: [Name of Country] Why selection? PAPER HEADING: [Level 2] Location/Geography
PAPER HEADING: [Level 2] Population
PAPER HEADING: [Level 2] Government
PAPER HEADING: [Level 2] Economy
PAPER HEADING: [Level 2] State of Health (Diseases/Violence/Accidents) PAPER HEADING: [Level 2] Culture/Traditional Medicine
PAPER HEADING: [Level 2] Healthcare System and Delivery Include:
Governmental health-related agencies and health regulatory organizations.[Level 3] An example is the Ministry of Health and/or other governmental agencies in the country that are health-related.
Healthcare personnel and hospitals.[Level 3] Total number of nurses and physicians and/or the number of nurses and physicians per 100,000 population. In addition, the number of hospitals/hospital beds found in the country.
Nursing education system and accrediting organizations.[Level 3] Number (and name) of schools that train nurses, if any. Note if nursing schools are accredited or standards are overseen by a governmental agency.
Nursing associations. [Level 3] (if any). Do internet search. See also module 2 (Sigma Theta Tau International [STTI] and International Council of Nurses [ICN]) websites for links to nursing organizations in various countries.
PAPER HEADING: [Level 2] Health Priorities Based on the above information and global health organizations, including non-governmental organizations, what are the health priorities for this country? Discuss.
PAPER HEADING: [Level 1] Conclusion: Nursing Implications How can the nursing profession and nurses working in this country play a part in addressing those priorities? Discuss.
PAPER HEADING: [Level 1] References [top of new page, centered]
To get you started on your paper:
1. a) Do internet and library searches using the name of your selected country and the sections listed above as “keywords.”
2. b) Find the official websites of the global organizations/agencies and look up your selected country for the most current health information and statistics. Begin with the World Health Organization (WHO). See Module 2.
3. c) Determine which organizations/agencies (United Nations, non-governmental, nursing) are active in your selected country. See Module 2.
4. d) Investigate the situation of nurses and nursing (nursing personnel, nursing organizations/associations, migration, etc.) in your selected country. See Module 2.
5. e) Use the above headings in your paper. In-text citations and a reference list MUST be found in your paper.
3. 3) In-text citations and a reference list MUST be found in your paper. See the Nursing Student Writing Guidelines Checklist for APA formatting.
4. 4) UPLOAD completed paper (file) into the Assignment TURNITIN folder by the due date.
5. 5) WRITING EVALUATION: See rubric on Course Content page
Term Paper: Country with High Mortality Rates (100 pts)
Introduction; Location/Geography; Population; Government; Economy; State of Health; Culture/Traditional Medicine; Healthcare System and Delivery; Health Priorities; Nursing Implications

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Country with High Mortality Rates
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